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Contact Links

Contact LINKs

  Email                    authoravaddohn@gmail.com
Books & Legends by Ava D Dohn http://www.authoravaddohn.blogspot.com/
Select Facebook & Me https://www.facebook.com/rhapsodie.mcclintick
 Select Fawnsfall.com  http://www.fawnsfall.wordpress.com/
 Ideas from Italy http://beleafinginsustainability.wordpress.com/
  Rhapsodie’s Words    
 Linkedin w/Rhapsodie http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rhapsodie-mcclintick/26/908/118
Pinterest Invite http://www.pinterest.com/rhapsodiegfm/
 Please LIKE … RM4avaddohn https://www.facebook.com/RM4avaddohn?ref=hl
 Select Rhapsodie on twitter @RM4avaddohn https://twitter.com/RM4avaddohn
 Select RM4 Author Ava D Dohn’s Books and Idea . . . http://www.pinterest.com/admin4avaddohn/
 RM4authoravaddohn at Facebook https://facebook.com/avad.dohn.3
Book 1 http://www.authoravaddohnsb.blogspot.com/



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