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p. 08, OCGS- Government & Policy Making Condemned

Page # 08

Government & Policy Making Condemned

‘So! This is the world of angels and fools, the blowhards of government and policy making!’  The eyes hidden in the shadowy confines of secreted corners of the council chambers studied the many faces in the gathering crowd.  There was scorn on the whispering lips of the person behind those eyes, the disdain for people of pompous society and highbrow pedigree evident in the creature’s bitter frown.  Visions of days long ago flooded the person’s mind, filling it with the sights of torn and bloodied bodies of the dead and dying, all the while, the ‘grandiose chatter’ of the amused audience concerning itself with the glory of the kill, or bravery of the defeated.

2-046, Sword in hand w-death from land     Turning its attention back to matters at hand, the creature muttered under its breath, “And who, this good eve, is the next to find my blade?  And yet, it is not for the cheering crowd I deal death out by choice, but is it not the voices within that still cry out for the sport? ‘A clean kill tonight!  Show your skill and cunning, and allow it no second breath!  Cleave it to the kidneys, yet let it live long enough to smell your sweet joy in its capture unto death.’”

     Shaking off the intoxicating vision, the creature sputtered, “It is for the safety of the King and its council…  Indeed!  The world I shall save tonight.  Is the death of one not a fair price to save so many?”

     And there was the one hiding behind secret doors, waiting for someone’s message or directions.  But the spy was not secret to all, nor would it survive long enough to receive a ‘well done’ from its awaiting master.  Now to wait…to wait and see who shall deliver the treasonous note to the contemptible thief.

Sucking in a breath as though sniffing the breeze, wary eyes examined the crowd.  Nostrils flared with disquiet.  ‘Too many are the foul odors of mischief and evil in this room tonight.  Have all the worlds’ vultures gathered here to me, or does the wind itself offer up its putrid scent to offend my thoughts?  And yet another I smell whose presence I do not yet discern, but like the Kriggerman on the prowl it comes ever closer.  Its very breath hastens the death of us all.’

Quietly, the creature slunk further back into the shadows like a panther waiting its prey.

*    *    *

“Come with me.”  Mihai was emotionally exhausted as she tugged on Darla’s sleeve, pulling her toward the stairs that led high into the upper bleachers.  “I need a rest from these well-wishers.”  She turned her head to look down at the gathering crowd as the two ascended the steps.  “We’ll take a little breather up here.”

Whew!”  Mihai sighed relief.  She nudged Darla, pointing down toward the main floor.  “There, right there, you see where PalaHar and Terey are standing?  There’s a trap door in the floor that allows a person to be lowered out of sight.  Well… not just people, but stage props and things like that.”

Darla sat up, asking, “Like what?  Why would a council chamber have a trap door for props?”

“Oh…” Mihai smiled.  “This wasn’t always a council chamber.  Really, it has been that for less than your lifetime.  This was the Palace Grand, Mother’s private theater, before the Rebellion, that is.  The entire floor was…is the stage, the far wall the backdrop for the plays’ settings.  Two and three dimensional holographic scenes would accent the storyline and acting, creating an illusion for the audience, making everything so real.”

She softly stroked Darla’s knee.  “There are a vast number of storage rooms and passageways under these bleachers, and the many landings scattered about within the seating area.  Then there’s the wide upper landing above and behind us that circles around in a horseshoe formation nearly to the far wall.  All of those things were originally constructed for the actors’ use… to bring the plays more to life.  Oftentimes the people in the audience would become part of the play itself.  Oh, it was so much fun.”

Then pointing down at the spot earlier mentioned, she added, “I came up through that trap door.  I was a flower blossoming in spring, and I sang a little song after the hidden elevator had lifted up to the stage.”

Mihai nodded dreamily.  “I was only eight years old and, as I remember, the center of attention, receiving the most accolades for such a splendid performance.”  Her face clouded.  “That was so long ago now, back in the days of endless peace.”

2-048, Closed Theater Door     Just then, Governess Anna entered the main doorway, accompanied by two other court officials.  Mihai pointed.  “See that door?  Only the actors came in the way that overlooks the Winter Gardens.  The audience always entered from up there, behind us.”  She waved her hand in the direction of the upper deck and beyond where a set of double entrance doors were now sealed closed.  “We would come down these steps… they were lighted, of course, because the chamber was usually hidden in blackness awaiting the play… then we would shuffle our way along the different rows of seating.  When the lights came up, oh, what a thrill!  You would never know what sights awaited anxious eyes.”

     Darla studied the surroundings, fitting Mihai’s tales into what she was seeing.  “A person must have been pretty special to get an invite here.  There’s only seating for about three hundred or so.  You must have been pretty special to come here so often.  I’ve only been here once before, and that only on business… like tonight.”

Mihai squeezed Darla’s arm.  “No one ever comes here anymore unless it is on business.  And yes, I was special, just like every other young child of Mother’s.  This is where she showed them off to their older siblings.  She made them feel special.  I’m sorry that those days were gone before you had your hour of magic here.  I…”

Darla sourly interrupted.  “I’m made to feel special all right.  Every chance they get, someone makes me feel special!”

Mihai took Darla’s hand and looked into her face.  Her voice was gentle but chastising.  “There is reason why you have been gifted with the name ‘RachelOchranNohah’ (lit. ‘the ewe that makes trouble her resting place’).”

Darla stiffened, peering into Mihai’s eyes.  At length, after seeing no malice, she answered,  “Old fools sit on old councils dreaming old dreams!  They care not for understanding or insight.  They pine wistfully for the past and torture any who do not understand such useless dreams.  I have been gifted that name by the very fools who do not wish to forget the past, nor remember the deeds of today’s heroes.”

Mihai nodded.  “Be that as it may, your actions here this eve were out of line, supporting the argument that you have been gifted the name you rightfully deserve.”

“What’d I do?!”  Darla exclaimed in question.

Scolding, Mihai answered, “You know full well what you did.  This night you were my consort, a lady of this court.  It was…is, your responsibility to act the part… even if you don’t want to.  What you did was rude and uncalled for.  Ardon is a great councilor in Mother’s court.  He is well-respected and deserves to be treated that way.”

2-049. Drizzle in a Piss Pot     Darla sputtered a nasty retort.  “Big bag a’ shit…!” She chanced to see a scowl cross Mihai’s face.  “Wind…I mean wind…  Big words with little meanings that drizzle in a piss pot, they are.  Chief of the War Honors Council!  He wouldn’t know a hero if it bit him on the ass!  I didn’t want to waste pleasantries on a fool who would have no real appreciation for them.”

    She looked down, folding her hands in her lap.  “His kind are what ruined this… your world, too blind and unbending, unwilling to see the demons in the hearts of men.  And after they were seen, too stupid to act effectively and bring matters to a rapid finish.  His kind waited until my kind took to the field and watched as my kindred were slaughtered while protecting those sorry fools.  Then, when the body count was delivered up to them, his kind cried, ‘What?!  You ask that we should also honor your dead for deeds well done?  There is no honor in dying.  It is the living, the judicious, the wise, who deserve the honor, for they protect the people through councils great and small.’”

Mihai’s retort was sharp but tempered.  “Rachel!  You call down evil on our Mother by those words for she, too, fell into such treacherous reasonings.  Are you also bitter of soul at her?  How could that be?  I know of your unquestioned love for her.”

Darla stared into her lap saying not a word.

Mihai thought a moment, then asked, “What did Ardon ever do to you?”

Darla shot a glance at Mihai, hatred burning in her eyes.  “Old fool!”  She stared back down into her lap.

Taken aback, Mihai pondered the reason for Darla’s outburst.  After thoughtfully considering the matter, she leaned over and wrapped her arm around her little sister’s shoulder, drawing her close and speaking softly in the girl’s ear.  “Today my demons tried to invade my waking hours.  They are strong and growing in power by the hour.  Do you not also feel their anger, their rage because of being trapped in a mind so filled with love for Mother?”

Darla did not look up or move.  No word came from her mouth.

Mihai quietly pleaded.  “At least admit to their presence.  Admit that you, too, are infected with the Devil’s spawn, as I am.  Do not deny that they also live in you.  At least admit it to yourself.”

A thunderous voice shattered the moment.  Mihai and Darla looked up to see Euroaquilo stepping over the row of seats directly behind them.  “How are my precious children tonight, especially my one and my own?”  Before either could move, he had swooped down and gathered them both up in a giant, loving bear hug.

2-050, sun breaking out fromt the storm

Like the sun breaking out from behind a thundercloud, Darla’s face lit up radiantly.  She squealed with delight, stood, and flung her arms around Euroaquilo, and cried, “I have yearned so for the hour to wrap myself up in your love.  My coverlets I have already pulled from the bed in anticipation of your visit.  Hurry, my heart is passionate for your manliness.  Let’s leave these… important fellows… to their important business and be off to make some important business of our own.”

The shock of the moment quickly disappeared from Euroaquilo’s face.  He grinned, leaning down and kissing Darla on the forehead, exclaiming, “My little roe has missed me so?  Am I the only stag in the wood?”  He shook his head.  “I cannot believe you have hidden yourself away waiting only for me.  Though it does impress me to think I am so highly sought after…”

Darla nuzzled her head in his chest.  “There is no other like you.  My dreams are your playrooms.  You make my heart sing with passion and delight.”

Mihai took Euroaquilo’s hand, her eyes searching his, telling him tales of her concerns and the relief of having him there.  A sad smile grew on her face.  “Lord Euroaquilo…”

Euroaquilo tipped his head down and kissed Darla on her upraised lips.  “Dear little one, I am your willing servant, but business first.  You know my motto, ‘the prison of dreary work only heightens the heart’s passion for release.’  So let us off with dreary work so we can ride the wind of heart’s passion with abandon.”  Allowing no time for reply, he asked so politely, “May I make company with my two beautiful sisters tonight?”

A giggle rolled from Darla’s lips.  She leaned up and kissed Euroaquilo again before dragging him down beside her.  In seconds, both she and Mihai were snuggled up close to their companion, Darla on his right and Mihai on his left, the man’s arms around them both. . .


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