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p. 06, OCGS- Battles In & Out

Page # 06

Battles In & Out

Bedan nodded, afraid to explain that the Shikkeron was a ship, not a boat.

Releasing Bedan’s grip, Ardon nodded,  “Yes, yes, some kind of a brigantine, isn’t it?  I recall it was in service during the Three Hundred Year War, resurrected out of the scrap yard for use in the Great War.  So it still flies…?  Interesting… interesting.”

Nodding, Bedan added, “Was refitted some dozen years ago, into an imperial brigantine… a much heavier ship, Lord Ardon, almost up to frigate class now.”

“Good.  Good.”  Ardon replied.  Having no desire to hear further about the matter, he changed the subject.  “So… er… Captain… er Bedan, what brings you so far from your duties?  Who’s tending your bo… er, ship now?”

Bedan smiled, standing straight.  “She’s here, at the spaceport, I mean.  Orders… came down from the top.”

Ardon leaned forward, looking up at Bedan, squinting.  “Really…?  And you…?  What are you doing here?”

The nervousness returned to Bedan’s voice.  “From Mother, directly from her.  She summoned me not six weeks ago.  Just got here today, running full out, making smoke all the way just to get here on time.”

Ardon frowned, asking, “Why?  What’s so spec…” He caught himself, asking more politely.  “What does Mother want from you that requires your presence here?”

Bedan shook his head.  “I don’t know, my Lord.  Mother didn’t say.  I thought you might know, you being so important on her council and all.”

Feeling flustered to think that Ma-we was keeping secrets from him but unwilling to reveal those facts to someone like Bedan, Ardon swept his hand in a motion that signified unimportance, replying, “The world is troubled over so many trivial matters, there is not time to discuss this at the moment.  I’m sure Mother had good reason.”  He looked up to see Admiral NikaoEimi enter the chambers.  Wishing to dismiss Bedan without being rude, he pointed,  “There’s the commander of the Second Fleet… Navy, you know.  Maybe he can tell you.”  Then attempting to show interest, he added,  “If you find out something important, please let me know.”

Bedan bowed low, thanking Ardon for his time, and then hurried over to speak with the admiral.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Ardon settled back in his chair, glad to see the admiral was now being troubled with that ‘nuisance officer’.

“Lord Ardon…”

Surprised, Ardon looked up to see Symeon’s smiling face as he approached, hand outstretched.  Ardon stood, grinning.  “You snuck in on me, my friend.  SymeonKephim!  So good to see you.”

2-033, Symeon- Ardon's opinion 2b      Now here was a man in whose company Ardon felt quite comfortable.  Delivered here from the Second Realm, Symeon and his fellow brethren from that wild place were most acceptable companions and conversationalists.  True, they usually, and willingly, spent most of their time in his presence, listening – something Ardon relished.  They did, though, have interesting anecdotal opinions that were worth considering.  And Symeon… he so much reminded Ardon of Mihai in her younger days, so filled with excitement and that impetuous spirit, always in a hurry, so full of life.

    After a warm greeting, Ardon patted Symeon’s shoulder, asking, “Has our councilor to the Lady been kept busy this day…?  You know, with all kinds of court business and important governmental matters?”

Symeon shook his head.  “No, my Lord Ardon, Mihai has secluded herself away all day, even choosing to spend some quiet hours with a few close acquaintances for sup.  My Lady informed us – Paul, Jonathan, and me – of very little, other than we should expect the unexpected this eve, something I find so curious.  She’s usually so open and direct with us.”

‘So…Mother was keeping many secrets this day.’  Ardon nodded approvingly, being informed concerning Mihai’s new kingship and Trisha’s promotion to field marshal.  It made him feel good to think he was so highly trusted that Mother should reveal secrets to him, yet hide them from others.  Still… he did not know everything.

“Tell me, please, Symeon, my friend.” Ardon asked, probing for added information.  “Did our Lady say with whom she was to sup?”

“No.”  Symeon lowered his eyes in thought, shaking his head.  “When she called me earlier this eve, her voice was filled with subdued excitement.  She asked me if I would be sure to arrive early to the council because she had a surprise.  Then she apologized about missing her late luncheon and that plans were now made to dine with special friends.  So!  I’m here early, but I don’t see her or her surprise as of yet.”

Patting Symeon again, Ardon grinned, nodding, “Oh, I think you will like the surprise.”  He winked.  “It is a good one, you know, a good one.”

2-034, Seimiah Straights

At that moment, Zadar entered the council chambers and, eyeing Ardon and Symeon, hurried over.  Clutching Ardon in a bear hug, Zadar joyously cried, “Papa!  It so good to see you after these many months!”  He stood back, his hands gripping Ardon’s shoulders.  “I have heard of your adventures on Stargaton.  Tell me… did the Seimieah Straights deliver up to you the hidden jewels of NiShanderiah, seeing you had deciphered her riddles when last we spoke?”

     Ardon took Zadar by the upper arms, shaking his head.  “No, no, my little son.  NiShanderiah was a witch extraordinaire.  I fear I must wait until her return during the ‘after days’ before I will succeed in having her secrets revealed.”  He stopped, staring into Zadar’s face, pride growing on his.  He then complimented the ‘boy’ on how well he looked in his new army uniform, which led him into a timely lecture concerning what must be done to bring this rebellion to a finish.  Zadar listened intently.

It was only a few weeks after Asotos’ attempt at murdering Mihai when Ardon had returned from a deep-space sojourn to Palace City.  There he remained with Lowenah after she discovered she was ‘with child’ and long into the days after Zadar’s birth, the first and only child born after the Rebellion began, and one with a most profound and troubling secret shared by his mother only with Ardon.  Ardon took to raising up 2-034b, Ardon's Secret Landsthe boy as if his own, even allowing him to journey into some of his secret lands.  With Ardon’s fatherly mentoring, Zadar became filled with the desires for exploration and adventure.  The two became inseparable until he – Zadar – was handed over to Tolohe, to be raised up to manhood by her loving care.

      Zadar never forgot Ardon’s kindness, his devotion never diminishing for his adoptive father.  Now, after all these years of war, and Ardon’s outspoken opinions that downplayed the value of the military while encouraging more diplomacy to bring the Rebellion to a finish, Zadar – a man who had devoted his entire life to the military, believing it to be the only solution – always patiently listened to his mentor while he explained the importance of ‘using the carrot over the stick’.  As he had done before, this night Ardon did not miss the opportunity to lecture his ‘young’ protege on the subject.

2-035, Ma-we's council     “Now you will see…” Ardon firmly clasped Zadar’s hands while he spoke.  “What you do is all fine and good, but it is such a waste, such a waste.  You are so smart, savvy, I mean.  You would do so well as a member of Mother’s council.  I have clout, you know.  Mother would listen to me, you know.  Of course, you will have to start out as my loyal apprentice… for a little while, of course, until you got the hang of things.  But for you, it wouldn’t take long before your voice would be heard in the assembly.  And… and, with your military experience, you have a lot to bring to the table.”

     Zadar, a diplomat in his own right, thanked Ardon, nodding, “Your wisdom I shall seriously consider, Papa.  The hour is coming, soon, when your ways will be put to the test.  I hope to be there to see their outcome.  Mother has hinted to me that such a thing might take place.”

Grinning, Ardon tenderly kissed Zadar on the cheek.  “You make me proud, son, very proud.”

“Watch out for him, boy!  He’ll make a ‘wuss’ out of you, and then some!”

Ardon and Zadar turned to see a giant of a man, dressed up in an admiral’s uniform, gingerly approaching.

The man, smiling, added, “Make ‘wusses’ of us all…  Right, Ardon, old fellow?”

Frowning, Ardon sputtered, “Admiral Euroaquilo, I do not appreciate such…”

Ignoring Ardon, Euroaquilo clasped Zadar’s hand, grinning, “Good to see you, my boy!  Good to see you!”  He stared at his uniform, commenting, “Well, well, so that’s the snazzy style of dress for the new army?  You look good in it.  Not as good as your navy pilot’s duds, but still mighty fine.”

Caught by surprise, and somewhat embarrassed – a rare moment for the fellow – Zadar stuttered, “It… it… it’s…was… is a gift from Mother.”  Regaining his composure, he added,  “This was delivered to me upon my arrival, me being told to wear it at this evening’s council.  I was told that I was to take leave of the Fourth Fleet and join with the new army commander, but wasn’t told who.  Asked Mihai about it tonight at supper, but she spoke not a word concerning it.”

2-036 Dinner with Mihai     Ardon, put off by Euroaquilo, knowing it was done on purpose to irk the fellow, interrupted, asking, “You had dinner with Mihai?”

    Euroaquilo ignored Ardon, bullying his way in with another question of his own.  “So where is that sister of yours?  Heard you kept some pretty close company since the two of you arrived.”  He stole a glance at Ardon, whose face was filled with surprise and trepidation.

    Still stealing glances at Ardon, he asked Zadar, “So, have you seen our girl lately?  I was hoping to catch up with her sometime while I was visiting.”

Before Zadar could reply, Ardon interrupted, clutching Euroaquilo’s arm, “Now see here, Admiral…there are many other, more important matters to discuss this evening than that child.  There is great need of clear minds at this council.  We have many other, more important matters to discuss than her!”

Euroaquilo smiled and shrugged.  “Have it your way, Lord Councilor.  I just wondered where I could find her.”

Well!”  Ardon harrumphed. “I suggest you search for her after this night’s events.  I’m sure you will find her slinking around one of the darkened taverns at that late hour!”

Euroaquilo stared down at Ardon, slowly shaking his head.  “My, my, you are an old fuss tonight, aren’t you?”  Although put off a little by Ardon’s brashness, he continued on with some lighthearted conversation, catching up on the local gossip and chatting about some of the others at the council.

2-037, Great Stormwind Euroaquilo b     The Admiral, EuroaquiloIllyricum, was commander of the Navy’s Third Fleet, stationed to the east of EdenEsonbar.  His name’s meaning was, ‘the great stormwind’ acquired because of his booming voice that matched his size.  Six feet plus one-half tall and weighing sixteen stone, he made an impressive appearance wherever he went.  Even Ardon, who felt little real respect for the military, was somewhat awed by this man.

     And why not?  Many were the stories repeated of Euroaquilo’s valor in combat.  Mihai, a close companion and ally of his, had told Ardon many tales concerning his bravery.  “He tore off the castle gate, pitching it at my captor, crushing his skull and providing me with escape.”  She had confessed to Ardon one day at a council meeting.  She had then demanded he, Ardon, bestow upon Euroaquilo the ‘Golden Medallion of Bravery’ – Ardon being the purveyor of such rewards – a medal the man cherished, and was found wearing this evening.

As he thought about it, Ardon puzzled aloud.  “So they still call you ‘the twin’?” referring to Mihai’s and his close relationship and how inseparable they once were.

Euroaquilo placed a giant hand on Ardon’s shoulder, shaking it, grinning.  “My dear Lord Ardon, my sister is the sweetest, most wonderful person in the world.”  He frowned.  “There was never found, for me, a more passionate, caring, lover in this world until… until he ruined her with his twisted tortures and evil deceit.  I have shared the battle against the demons in her mind since that day.  Others fear her company, but I… I know who she really is.  She and I are still one mind and heart.  We are still twins by that very nature.”

2-038 Morning Sunrise

Looking into Ardon’s eyes, he slowly shook his head, softly sighing, “At least she got to see the morning sunrise.”

Zadar was about to ask what Euroaquilo’s words meant when laughter echoed from the entrance, across the chambers.  The three looked over in time to see General PalaHar squeeze through the doorway, TereoAprupneo and PlanetesAntistrate each hugging an arm.  The laughter stemmed from PalaHar’s dilemma, that of being pursued by two lovely women.

Planetes – better know as ‘Planetee’ – finally leaned forward, looking past PalaHar and into Tereo’s face, her eyes twinkling.  “You may have managed a coup with your pillow-talk earlier, but an afternoon’s delight is more than sufficient for you two.  I have forced a promise from this fellow and the after-hours belong to me.”

Tereo – ‘Terey’ – offered up another wicked laugh.  “I surrender him up, but shall remain the victor.  My sweet scent shall linger in his thoughts and dreams for many long hours.  You shall have to force the gate just to be remembered this eve.”

The two continued their friendly sparring after passing through the door, PalaHar politely remaining silent.  Finally Euroaquilo, grinning with his own brand of mischief, called to Zadar for them to be off to mix it up even more.  Zadar, always a willing accomplice to a good game, nodded, and off they went, leaving Ardon alone with his thoughts.

Ardon watched while a battle of wit and winsome words filled the room, it gaining in strength as more of the crowd gathered in, choosing sides and entering the contest.  He liked to see such jousting, but could never understand it, especially on such serious occasions as this, but still… let them have their fun.  He settled back into his chair, snuggling into its soft leather cushions.

He was no more than settled when another, greater commotion arose among the crowd near the door.  All attention was taken off PalaHar and his companions, being given to others who still remained hidden from Ardon’s view.  ‘Who could it be?’  That was everyone’s question as a flood of the curious descended the bleacher-like seating area, to see who was causing the stir, filling the floor with a sea of bobbing heads facing the door.

2-039, Crowd of Curious     Standing did little good, Ardon being no man of great stature.  As the excitement of the others grew, so did his curiosity. He pushed ahead until he was standing at the back of the growing crowd.  This was still no good.  When his polite requests for passage went ignored, he finally decided to ‘forge ahead’ slowly pushing his way into the mass of spectators in an attempt to see what was happening.

    As he advanced, the people nearest the doorway began to retreat, allowing whoever was approaching entrance into the council chambers.  Ardon managed a peek at the doorway just as Mihai passed through, into the room.  He stood dumbstruck at what he saw.  A collective gasp arose from the gathered company – the effect Ma-we had intended it to have.  Even Ardon, although knowing about Mihai’s acceptance of a new kingship, was caught up in the moment, he being mesmerized by the woman’s stunning appearance. . .


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The Chronicles of Heaven’s War: Book 1- Sisters of the Bloodwind


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