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p. 12, LH- The Dragon King Rises

Page # 12

The Dragon King Rises

Ma-we shook her head.  “It was not the fault of my daughter that the hour of salvation was delayed.  I could not risk her demon’s glory over her, and your brother’s treachery with tricksy words fooled even the hearts of many of my loyal children, and… and there were so many other reasons I allowed the universe to wait upon a moment.  I still wait… still wait.”

The Death of Love's from Hormax and Above     Tolohe leaned forward, resting a hand on Ma-we’s forearm.  Her reply was filled with love, which could not hide the bitter disappointment.  “My Meter, no matter the reason, the delay has been most costly.  For three times we drove the evil of Hormax and his confederates down, bringing devastation upon the lands of Mizraim, Magog, and Javan, desolating those worlds of men.  And only then, in the end, as the blood of Haudenosaunez’s kindred and your own loyal children made holy the field of slaughter – our dead counted by the thousands of thousands – he and I, side by side, felled the last of the Anakim at Camorra Heights, bringing the first breath of freedom since the days of Japheth to those tortured lands of demon possession.”

“My Love, your children cannot survive another delay… I cannot survive another delay.  My hour is close, for I have seen its wretched end should time fail me.”

Tolohe sat back, ashamed of her ‘rueful’ accusations.  How well she knew the sacrifices her mother had made, but only here, in this one place, in the company of this one person, could the great ‘Pillar of the Sun’ become the tired, lonely, disheartened child.  For this reason Ma-we remained silent, allowing her daughter time to grieve over the loss of her own virginity – innocence.

Shaking her head to clear troubling memories, Tolohe returned to the subject, the stoic appearance of weathered granite returning to her face.  “Neither Mihai nor I are qualified to carry the ‘Horn of Rachel’ before the universe of men.  We are the extremes of your personality.  No… No, the king who sits your throne must be just like you.  Your blood must flow through his veins.”

Ma-we leaned back, replying in thoughtful consideration.  “So, you place me on the horns of a dilemma.  Who is there remaining fit and qualified to take up the scepter and return to my daughters their youth and dignity?”

3-070, Man born from darkness + light

     Tolohe chided, “Don’t play the part of an innocent waif.  You may well have tricked with the foolish, dumb, and blind, but your riddles have been secreted by me from this world’s founding, for well I am aware of the unholy union and its offspring.  And… long have I’ve known that you wove your own blood into the belly of the woman who bore the Son of Salvation, and I do see that that blood still flows rich in the veins of a man born from darkness and light.  You have not hidden well your intentions in our dream shares together.”

    Cocking her head to the side while shaking a finger, Tolohe postured, “I harbor no ill concerning these matters.  You are the Maker of all things.  You are Law.  Whatever is your slightest desire is my most impassioned want.  So then… I recommend what will satisfy most your heart, a man-child who shares your soul, heart, and yes, even your blood.  For the right man, you have held in abeyance the four winds down to this day and he, I believe, you have now discovered.  ‘Yehowahboam’… ‘The Man Who Stands In the Place of God’…Shiloh… the ‘Sword-King Over Heaven and Hell’.”  Tolohe’s eyes wandered as she described the man, her face blushing rose while two lips struggled to hold back a girlish smile.

Patting Tolohe’s leg, Ma-we stared into her eyes, squinting.  “The scent of a storm’s coming ever heralds upon the approaching breeze and a maiden swoons at the thoughts of her hero’s embrace.  Has my daughter been smitten by the breeze that tells of a coming man who is but still a child?  Does her heart yearn for love from a hero yet to prove himself?  I detect feelings of love hidden in the music of your words.  Love… such a dangerous possession for the heart to contain while the stallion is yet running the plain, unbridled.”

3-071, Man-Demon-Dragon of Fire + Ice c

Tipping her head back, Tolohe closed her eyes, sighing sadly, “Oh, but this stallion has a heart of both its mother and father, fire and ice, power and tenderness, rage and compassion, peace and tumult.  Hidden in the self-doubt of a frightened sheep there dwells a demon-monster waiting to rise, it awaiting the day its power is unchained.  Dangerous he is.!  ‘King of the dragons’, ‘Lord’ of the gods… or slave of the ‘Serpent’, himself? We must wait to see.  Still… his scent excites me in ways long forgotten.  My heart is bound with his to our glory or our ruin.”

She leaned forward, clutching Ma-we’s arm, pleading, “The boy must not fail!  For shall that happen, then I wish no longer for life itself.”

Ma-we caressed her child’s hand.  “Death…?  Death is not yours to choose, for your fathers have purchased your soul and will do with it as they choose.  But this I do know:  I, too, trust in his success, but I have seen that in his glory will come your destruction.  In his hour of test, in his greatest victory, he will call out to a woman who will not heed your council, but will attempt a coup upon her brother.  A trap!  A trap, I say, has already been laid at his door.  Death to her is its intent.  You will not let that happen… for my sake… and the blow will fall upon you.”

Ma-we slowly shook her head, the tears falling.  “To save my Michael, you must die.”

Tolohe bowed her head in silence.  At long last, she whispered, “He will succeed.  There is nothing else for it… or all heaven and earth shall pass away.”

Ma-we smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes.  She finally asked as though speaking to herself,  “So…has it come to this?  The future existence of all my worlds depends upon the loyal love of a child not yet grown from his teens?  We risk everything on the merits of a good heart borne along by a free will of a wild stallion let loose upon the torrid field, trusting that he will act in wisdom when his hour of darkness falls instantly upon him?”

3-072, Universe on a Thread     Turning to stare into the crackling blaze, Ma-we pondered the coming hour when all of her works hung upon such an uncertain thread.  It was all or nothing…always had been…but never violently exposed and violated to be spoken of with such openness.  Still, it was the truth, the only way to bring absolution to the argument that she – Ma-we – was not wicked in the way she had made her children.  Freedom must win!  And she must prove that her way was the solution to bring real freedom.

     Looking back into Tolohe’s passionate eyes, Ma-we softly pronounced her willingness to stay the course at all cost.  “Then so be it!”

Ma-we quickly changed the subject.  “As I have said, Michael has accepted the kingship and will wield the King’s swords until he arrives.  Because of this, I find myself in a most peculiar position in which there is need of your assistance.  I have a most serious request.”

Tolohe bowed low, looking up and into her mother’s eyes.  “Why do you need to make request?  To my dying breath, all that I have is yours for the taking.”

After showing her gratitude with a kiss, Ma-we asked, “Please sit up and become my steward at this time.  The hour of the prophets draws ever closer and battle, this time, shall ruin all my wonderful works.  Indeed!  My womb shall cry out for its children who lay slain like fallen chaff upon an overripe field of grain.  My grand ballrooms will become the lurking place of the dust mite.  The spider will weave its tapestry across the doorposts of many great palaces that will echo only the sound of the fruit bat as it seeks refuge from the sun.  It is a bitter hour.  Who will survive?”

“In the middle of this maelstrom I have set my child, Michael.  She will gather the storm and set the forest ablaze.  Her hand will decide the time that this world shall die.  But I have set up a protection for this child, should she listen to its wise council…which I doubt.  The girl is reckless, unpredictable – a quality I will soon be using to my advantage – she will little tolerate the back seat when the cry for blood rents the air.”

3-073, Maelstrom in the Middle of the World     “The crown and kingdom I have saddled her with will force my child to stand the throne while the world goes mad around her.  But she is feisty and, if pushed, will enter the battle of war craft.  This is something that must not be allowed, at all costs.  I cannot afford her capture and enslavement.”

     Tolohe stopped her mother, asking, surprised, “I know you choose your words carefully.  Why do you speak of her capture and not her death as being the worst of calamities?”

     Ma-we glanced toward the door as though fearing the wind might carry away secrets to listening ears.  She softly answered, “She cannot die…”

Aghast, Tolohe asked, “She has not yet passed into the worlds of the immortals, has she?!  It is still for a future day, is it not?!”

Tolohe’s excitement set the mood.  Ma-we relaxed.  “No.  No, she is not yet immortal, but she has been changed… as have a few of the others.  You see, her spirit cannot escape the girl’s flesh.  When Michael first returned from the realms below, I created a new body of flesh for her.  When she accepted her rightful place in my kingdom by taking the crown, I set it aflame, waking its power.  So, until the day she is gifted with immortality and is given authority over the spirit of the flesh, she is locked for good or ill in the body she now possesses.  And that body cannot be fully destroyed.”

“Thus is finally fulfilled the words of my prophets, ‘death, where is your glory for you have been made subject even to me.’”

“So here is the dilemma: should Michael be captured, or should her body be found as though dead upon the field, your brother will demand it be sent to him, there to be desecrated in most horrible ways.  Once it is discovered she possesses an indestructible mind and heart, and when it is seen that, by the very hidden energy of the universe, the woman’s body would regenerate back to health, think of the tortures he will heap upon her until her rescue was secured.  Then think, also, of the countless number of my children who will perish in fire and destruction attempting that rescue.”

A visible shudder ran down Tolohe’s back.  “What, then, is my part in securing freedom from such a fate for this child?”

Ma-we’s answer was quick and sharp.  “You must stop her from such folly!  Whatever the cost, keep her safe!”

Tolohe shrugged in wonder, her arms outstretched with question.  “How?!  To her has all authority been given.  She rules as King, Lord, Master over all living things.  Yes, I am older than she, and my witching powers are far, far, greater, but what authority do I possess that will make her subject to me?”

Ma-we, too, shrugged but all so casually.  “Then I will have to gift you with greater authority...”

3-074, Flash of Blinding Rage of Light     A blinding light flashed across the room.  Tolohe cried out in surprise and pain as a fire-like ache exploded in her right hand, racing up her arm.  When her eyes could again focus, why there, shining every color of the gemstone world, rested a signet ring that, when the runes were translated, read ‘Yehowahboam’.

     Tolohe was stunned, speechless.  She struggled for words while fighting back welling emotions growing in her breast.

Ma-we broke the silence, pointing.  “That, my Dear, should satisfy your needs.  Being the King’s signet ring, no one will question the steward wielding its power.  And power it does have, enough to rule successfully over this universe… all universes.”

Cupping Tolohe’s shaking hand in hers, Ma-we grinned.  “It is yours to use as may be, but also a gift that you will bestow upon your King on the Day of Celebration.”

3-075, Days of Innocence Ahead     Tolohe burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably as she hid her face in her hands.  Ma-we gently squeezed and then rubbed her child’s knee, understanding all so well the emotion of the moment.  It was not the power nor the authority the ring carried that so moved the woman.  Indeed, it was not really the ring, but what her mother had said regarding it.  “… bestow it upon your King on the Day of Celebration.”  Oh, to come of age again!  To become a maiden in the arms of a man who would never shun her love, a man so much like her mentor from the elder days but always faithful and true to the end of time!  Yes, there was to be a rebirth even for her…

     When Tolohe had finally composed herself, Ma-we smiled, cautioning, “Keep it hidden well.  You do know how to hide it… safe in your mind.  Please, for the moment, keep it secret.  Use it only when all other hope is lost, when winsome words have fully waked the demon’s pride in my child.  Not before.  This ring is very dangerous, made for an immortal’s hand to wield its power, and you, my Dear One, are not yet immortal.”

Nodding as a final tear fell from her eye, Tolohe promised to be ‘oh, so careful’ with such a precious treasure.  She leaned close and kissed her mother on the cheek.  “I love you too much, my Meter, too much for my heart to bear.  Should I fail you, how could I survive another day?”

Ma-we grinned, she standing to stretch as she did.  “You?  Fail me?!  Child, more like your father are you than you do know.  I should have delivered you up to immortality long ago, but…well, you know what I mean.”

Yawning loud, Ma-we lifted her arms toward the ceiling while standing high on tippy-toe.  She was tired, and the ebbing flames reflected her mood.  Walking across the room to the window beside the door, she stared into the wild and confused storm outside.  “You know, it still looks mighty angry out there, an unpleasant night to forge through frozen drifts to find a half-buried ship.”  She tapped the windowsill.  “Now, if I were one to forecast the weather, I’d say that the morning will bring a break to this madness, but the clouds should still cover us with enough gloom to get you away unseen.”  She began to hum a pleasant little tune. . .


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