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p. 11, LH- War Councils & Minds

Page # 11

War Councils & Minds

Leaning forward, Tolohe asked, “So she keeps close in touch?”

“Oh, yes!”  Ma-we answered.  “Your brother’s war councils do not remain secret from my ears.  I have learned much about the coming Prisoner Exchange from my attentive daughter.”

3-063, Inexperienced and at risk . . .      “Meter?”  Tolohe asked.  “Why put her at such risk?  She is still mortal and inexperienced.  Have you no better ways to gather needed information?”

      Ma-we pondered aloud.  “Risk?  Mortal?  Inexperienced?  Well yes, you might be correct, at least about the mortal part.  Inexperienced and at risk…?  That I must argue.  First!  I do not put her in danger.  She is a creature of free will and chooses to do as she wants, merely delivering to me information pleasing to her.  And…”  She squinted, searching Tolohe’s eyes.  “The only danger is to Chrusion and his people.  The child has powers greater than yours – many latent, for sure – but still sufficient to deal with the likes of those rabble.  Indeed, there has never been a child ever existed with greater glory than her… and those others I have delivered to these worlds.  But for now the glory remains to be found in my swords, new creations of untold strength and might.”

Leaning back in the chair, Ma-we sighed.  “Even as a mortal, there is no force to be found among the enemy that can stop my child.  Why, she could create heaps upon heaps of bodies should Chrusion’s elite guard attempt her capture.  That woman could walk through a company of his best like a whirlwind through a wheat field.  Only could Chrusion check her hand, and that because I have requested she not harm him.”

Lifting a hand in gesture, Ma-we offered more tea.  When the cups were full, she continued.  “As for the spying, I refuse to steal freedom even from the wicked.  I will not stoop to the loathsome antics as searching hidden rooms with my mind, nor steal another’s thoughts for my purposes, even if they are well intended.  The ends do not justify the means.  A game is a game and a riddle is a riddle.  No matter the cost, rules must be followed.  It is the root-law of freedom.”

Tolohe nodded agreement.

Taking first a sip, Ma-we added, “It is by this ‘fly on the wall’ I have come to know many secrets, and, by law, I can use this information against him.  You will see him fail.  This Prisoner Exchange will not be to his liking.  What he learns there will set matters in motion that will force him to act prematurely, leading to his final defeat.”

The two lost themselves in discussion concerning the Prisoner Exchange, the latest council, the attitude of the children regarding the newcomers from the lower realms, and any pertinent gossip relating to current events.  Tolohe was not satisfied with the state of preparedness of the military, making recommendations while listening to several suggestions from her mother.  She was most attentive to Ma-we’s detailed account of Ardon’s actions regarding Darla, saying nothing for fear of stirring a troubled pot.

Finally, Ma-we revealed the real reasons for requesting Darla’s presence at the Prisoner Exchange, asking, “Was I remiss in pushing so?  Did I do the right thing?”

Tolohe defended her youngest sister.  “Darla will cause you no injury, but beware, she may well destroy herself should truth be twisted beyond reason.”  She shook her head.  “The child is a misfit, a queer thing, spooky, but she is not dangerous other than to herself.  I believe you have chosen wisely.  What this world needs are more like her.  Had she been a million, this war would never have begun.”

3-064, She held the gap- Memphis     “At Memphis she saved more on that day than perished in fire and torture.  She held the gap –how, I do not know.  Against odds of a hundred-to-one, her band stole the enemy’s glory, surrendering up to him a hollow victory filled with his own countless dead.”  She clasped her hands, remembering,  “Twice I have carried her shattered body from the field, thinking the child dead.  At Fortress Mordem, we found her among the dead, nearly frozen, she refusing to abandon Depais’ body to the wolves and vultures.  We were forced to promise to gather the dead before she would abandon the field.”

    Shaking her clasped hands while nodding, she added,  “Darla is an outstanding leader.  A shame she has never been recognized as such.  She is the bravest soldier I know, and smart.  Godenn underestimated her once and nearly lost his head for it.  If she survives this coming fury, may she be honored with the glory she deserves.”

Ma-we eyed Tolohe.  “She will survive!  Must!”  Then turning away toward the fire, added.  “As for the older councilors…Darla is not refined or smooth with diplomatic speech.  She speaks her mind when offered the moment.  Few of the oldest on the council have seen, first hand, the horrors of war, or have they smelled the distress of battle.  If they could witness her heroism, they might well feel different about her.”

3-065, Forces at work

Tolohe asked, curious, “So you have chosen to keep the child alive so that she cannot die?”

Not I!”  Ma-we waved a hand.  “There are forces at work in this universe that even you have not come to fully understand.  You, the ‘child of the Cherubs’, should realize that I do not dictate law as some king or dictator would.  There are those whose council I even pay close heed to.”

3-065b, Demon devouring the child of light       “No, I fear not the loss of Darla’s body, but that of her mind.  The demon grows in might by the day, consuming more of the child’s mind into its own.  Already it has done lasting damage.  How much, I cannot tell.  When rid of that monster, she will be forever changed.  How much is for the future to tell.  At this time, I must set the wheels in motion that will bring to a finish what grows within.”

      Concerned, Tolohe asked, “Is there no cure, other than a sojourn into damnation?”

     “There has ever been only one other, and none of my daughters will release their control over that destiny long enough for me to bring it.”  Ma-we sadly shrugged.  “So it must be a journey into damnation to receive the cure.  But my child does not go alone.  Her friendly host is most caring.  Never has she been abandoned to the darkness…  Never will she.  Trust me… though heaven and earth should pass away, my girl’s rescue will arrive in time.”

3-065b, the Demon grows in might      Ma-we continued, dismayed.  “When the evil of Chrusion’s corrupt mind entered the world, I could well see it in Michael’s mind, but I became so preoccupied with her that I abandoned my responsibilities with Darla, my dearest Rachel.  When I discovered the demon growing within her it was far too late to make a cure.  I soothed her as best I could, but had to allow the monster its day.  And because of it my child has suffered in so many ways.”  She sighed.  “Her suckling ways did save Michael’s mind, though, it slowing the demon’s growth.”

     “Meter!  Is there nothing we can do?  What of the powers beyond this universe?”

“No!”  Ma-we bemoaned.  “Only by some great orgasmic reaction exploding from within her own soul will such a deed be accomplished.  It must be so great as to threaten her very existence.  It must happen soon or we will lose her anyway, and then I don’t know… I don’t know.”

Tolohe nodded, understanding all too well.  If Ma-we failed to deliver the cure, and her child fell into damnation, she would see herself as a mother unfit to even live.  Could she contain those feelings for eternity?  She was immortal, having life within her personal being.  Death could not come to her, but… but, she feared, would her heart sink to such levels so as to destroy her mind, bringing on an eternal forgetfulness and a ruination to all living things?  Long had the possibility troubled her.  Only Tolohe understood its depth.

Staring at the floor, Tolohe answered reassuringly, “You will succeed.”  Looking up and into Ma-we’s eyes, hers reflecting that same sadness, she promised,  “We will succeed.  The blood that my brothers and sisters have shed will not be wasted upon some empty victory!  We will do whatever is necessary to carry the future to success.  You will not falter, cannot.  My little sister will win her contest.  Mihai will learn wisdom.  Meter, there is much more to you than you wish to see.  You say you do not want to be ruler.  I say there is none better to rule than you.  Your strength of will is far greater than even your heart.  You can hold all the fires of torment in your bosom for all the ages and never waver in your purposes.”

3-067, Ma-we's might over the deadly night      She shook her head in confirmation.  “There is nothing that is impossible for you.  Nothing!  When you feel at your weakest, your strength is only then made evident.  I have seen it.  It burns in your children, in the gods beyond this world, and in you… the Maker of our souls.  Meter…my Love of loves…you will succeed!”

     Ma-we’s fingers gripped the arms of the chair.  Little could she hide from this most intuitive of creatures her troubled heart exposed by distressed words.  “Thank you for such kindness, but you know I have failed my children… still do.  But you…your leadership is unmatched by anyone living or dead.  I wish you to have been my firstborn.  You can calm a troubled soul… have.  You bring me real refreshment.”  She looked sadly into Tolohe’s eyes, confessing, “I have used you up, depended too much on your might, to the point I have kil’t your soul by my many demands.”

Tolohe shook her head in denial, but said nothing.  The cancer was hers to carry, the stress of the ages having destroyed her immune system.  The woman would not charge against another the burden she had chosen to carry so long ago.  Still Tolohe hoped a cure.  There was another who might save her, but that request must come at the proper time, for he saw not the ways of mortals and understood little the panderings of a selfish heart.

Silence filled the room, the fire not quite as comforting as before.  Ma-we wished to change the mood and bring back the warmth.  She spoke of other matters.  “Michael… ‘Morning Star’ has rejected the crown.”

Tolohe perked up, smiling.  “It’s good!  Did you succeed with your other offer?”

Ma-we nodded.  “The child is now king over a tormented land that she, alone, can secure and return to brightness.  I have set in motion the tools necessary for her to accomplish the task.”

Looking into Tolohe’s eyes, she asked,  “Now that it has come to pass, will you not accept what is – what should have always been yours?  You are the second in line to the firstborn and have proved yourself fit and worthy.  Will you take the crown offered Michael and deliver the blessing up to my daughters?”

Laughing, Tolohe answered,  “A woman born was I and a woman I shall remain until the breath passes from my lips.  This you’ve long known.  Besides, you’ve already chosen the King of Kings in your heart, did long ago.  It should go to the one woven by your magic.  He is the one deserving the crown, being so much like you.”

Surprised, Ma-we raised an eyebrow, squinting the other eye, asking,  “Why do you speak in such riddles?”

Tolohe cautioned, “Don’t play innocent with me!  I know your heart nearly as well as you do.  Need I tell you the tale of the world beyond?  I will anyway.”

3-068, Heart's desire 3

“At one time, in the realms below, you wanted a nation to be built, made to show the rest of mankind how generous and loving a person you really were.  Alas, you put your daughter, here, to the task, resulting in what I believe to have been disappointment.  From the days of Abram down to glory’s hour, I led them and directed them.  What happened?  The world of men came to think of you as a cruel, demanding and aggressive God, one to be worshipped out of fear.  To this day, they call down evil on you for the acts of war I delivered upon wicked men.”

She shook her head.  “I am a warrior… will die with my hand on the sword before any sickness will take me.  Valiant and harsh are my ways.  You call me ‘Pillar of the Sun’.  Your own children have named me ‘HierosEchidnaMnema’ (The Holy Serpent that brings down to nothing).  No!  My ways are harsh, almost evil.  You are too pure for me to represent your spirit.  I have grossly misrepresented you.”

Looking into the blaze, she continued.  “Later you delivered Mihai upon the scene.  Through her love she has changed the world of men, but not their understanding of you.  For many, Mihai’s God is weak, unable to do anything but love, unwilling to bring justice.  May I add there is some just reason for them to think so.  When the hour chosen was delayed, as it has been now for so many centuries, the men of that world tired out, feeling your promise only a metaphor, or the hope only remaining at some other place after death.  For this and other reasons, I do not feel Mihai a truly suitable person to represent you.” . . .


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Take a look at Book, Comments, and Blurbs at ask David.The Chronicles of Heaven’s War, Book I – Sisters of the … Enjoy what we share.

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