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p. 10, LH- As Time Fly’s Learning Hides

Page # 10

As Time Fly’s Learning Hides

She set the spoon down, staring again into Ma-we’s green eyes.  “It is true, we have become weak and, as at other times in the past, not heeded you counsel or listened to your wisdom, but trust me, there is still a fiery strength hidden within your loyal children.  We will weather the coming storm.”

3-058, Coming Storm      Ma-we slowly shook her head.  “Strength like an aged weathered tree…  Your kind will, as you so often have before, take the blow, but that age is passed into meaninglessness.  Your kind must become the aggressor, the monster that tears up its prey.  I doubt such a feat still exists with them.”

     After taking a sip and giving time for her palate to luxuriate in its robust delights, Tolohe replied.  “I trust you have a remedy to deliver a cure, for never have I heard you pose such a dilemma without having searched out a remedy.”

Nodding, Ma-we answered.  “Oh, yes!  But a bitter one it is!  A long night is coming, and I fear that the field of the minds shall fill to overflowing before the daylight again arrives.  My children…” She was so remorseful. “…my children…so many will sleep the long sleep before the evil hour’s hunger is fully satisfied.”

Looking down at her hands, she lamented, “I have the power to bring this madness to a finish, but I cannot for then I, myself, should become the greatest of evil serpents!  The blood of freedom of all my children, of all I stand for, cries out from beyond the abyss, condemning me for even thinking such selfish thoughts.  No!  The victory must come at the hands of my children even to the destruction of them all.”  She began to quietly weep.

Placing the cup down and taking her mother’s hand, Tolohe promised,  “My dearest one, my love, please do not torment your tender heart.  Such calamity will not happen.  I will not allow it.  Dear one, your children will not fail.”

Ma-we’s pleading eyes look out from a tear-stained face.  “How can you promise such folly when I have seen your very demise in fire and smoke?  How can you know with such confidence that my children will succeed?”

Shocked at first by Ma-we’s revelation, Tolohe quickly recovered, answering, “The blood of our mother flows in each of my siblings.  She is not weak from fear and neither are they.  Foolish?  Yes!  And also dull of senses, drugged by the happy days of ancient bliss.”

3-059, Happy days of ancient bliss     She squeezed her mother’s hand, leaning close with a pleading answer.  “We love you with such intensity that each one of us would eagerly sacrifice all things, forever, rather than see our dear one hurt.  We lack wisdom, must learn how to pull victory from longing hearts, but it can…will be accomplished.  There is too much love within us to fail.  Show us how to love and we shall conquer all that is evil, bringing it down to Gehenna for all time.”

    The flow of tears eased and soon stopped.  Ma-we watched the fire surge in intensity as the winter winds cried out in empty frustration.  The heat of the blaze, along with the sweet smell of flaming apple-wood newly placed on the hearth, refreshed her spirit.  A sudden ‘pop’ sent an army of tiny sparks up the chimney.  Ma-we watched until the last one disappeared from sight.  “You know… I believe I lit a fire under my children at the last council meeting.”

Tolohe silently nodded, not wanting to intrude where uninvited.  Mother was oftentimes a secret person… the reason for riddles.  So much she kept to herself, always had, feeling she did not have the words to convey the real meaning hiding in her heart.

Tonight was different.  Ma-we wanted her daughter to see, to understand all that lay beneath the surface of her outer soul.  “I have revealed to my children the third of my three swords, TrishaQaShaibjal.  I am sorry to have not sought your council in this matter, but… but, still, what do you think of my choice?”

Tolohe rubbed her chin in thought while staring into the half-empty cup of tea.  “Well… I detect that not everyone was pleased, including my sister, Mihai.  Meter, I trust to your wisdom.  As for the woman…?  I do not know her well.  She served under my command for a time, but only as a common officer.  When observing her I find few secrets.  She hides herself so well in shadows of mystery, something that I believe has been the doing of your hands.”

3-060, Hidden in Shadows of Mystery     She frowned.  “There exists a power within the woman that troubles my spirit.  It is dangerous, barely contained, and smells of evil.  Had it not been at your very hand she was delivered here, I would say a demon raised from hell the woman to be.  Yet I know her not to be such, for you have sealed her heart in lasting life.  I trust you.”

    Ma-we smiled, nodding, “Others of your kind have not been so generous with my choice.  They see her as a bastard child of these realms, an unfit usurper of privileged powers.”

Tolohe picked up her cup of tea, drinking the remainder down before saying, “You have purposes secreted from the wisest of your children.  PalaHar has spoken of this to me.  He is both troubled and amused.  He and I both trust fully in your actions and accept this child of the earth into our inner circle.  My hope…  No!  I am certain that my brothers and sisters will come around and not only accept her as our new leader, but become willing to learn at her feet the ‘ways of the North’.”

Thanking Tolohe, Ma-we added,  “You speak with discernment.  The child’s heart is twisted by the very ‘forges of hell’ that have engulfed her old world in violence down to this day.  But it is by such a twisted heart that salvation shall come to your people in later days and… and at the Prisoner Exchange.”

Tolohe wondered,  “PalaHar says the woman has no feelings, but stands as emotionless as a mountain wall.  How will my people trust her if they can see no love or compassion flowing from her?”

Ma-we grinned.  “Oh, she has love and passion.  And I have already begun the process to reawaken it from within.  My little boy is busy at work on her heart.  I sent him away on a scent that he will be unable to shake from his nostrils.  Soon Trisha’s ardor will grow beyond control for, well, you know how Zadar is.”

3-061, Trisha's Ardon will soon grow beyond control      Tolohe laughed.  “You need not given him the ‘witch’s potion’ to boot.  He has the power to make a woman surrender to his wiles even should she be upon the field of battle.  Once the dam has burst, will Trisha have the fortitude remaining to lead your children to war?”

     Answering, Ma-we shook her head.  “It will take a great deal of witchery to deliver that child to Zadar’s bed.  She is a tough case.  In the years since her arrival, she has refused every offer of romance, be it dream share or otherwise, she feeling repulsed by even the thought of her sister’s touch.  No, it will be no easy matter for my son to carry the gate to take her heart, but I trust he will… and at the right time, too.”

“Are you sure you sent him?” Tolohe asked, chuckling.  “She is quite comely, more so than most, and those stodgy clothes can hide only so much.  Zadar would have sought to uncover the woman’s secrets soon enough if left on his own.”

Ma-we laughed.  “True!  True!  Still… this child is so different, badly damaged, I feel…so much so I fear that Zadar would tire the chase if left to his own powers.  Oh, he will struggle, with her, with his personal feelings… already is.  Who knows, he may well fall in love.”

“Zadar fall in love?!”  Tolohe laughed.  “The world is not prepared to deal with that man captured up in love.”

Ma-we also began to laugh with Tolohe.  It felt good to laugh and if someone could bring on her light spirit it was Tolohe.  When the joyous tumult eased, she became serious, resting a hand on Tolohe’s knee.  “He loves you.  Always has.  Why do you dismiss his advances?  You know how sweet his kisses are and how they revive your soul.”

Tolohe frowned, then smiled.  “You’re right.  I have been derelict in my duties.  I will not refuse the boy his advances the next time he offers.  He has a way that can make my heart sing on the dreariest of nights.”

“Good!  Good!  Please do so, for my sake.”  Ma-we went on to other business.  “Mihai also revealed the secret of the other swords, pointing out that the first was already walking among them, hiding in the shadows.”

3-062c, Angry mist filled with vengence      A chill swept across Tolohe’s heart.  “Meter, this one is very dangerous.  Only by your reassurance have I come to trust her.  Even I have trouble remembering when she passes.  More like the mist is she…an angry mist filled with vengeance.  There is good reason she is called the ‘Death Angel’, the ‘Grave Maker’.  The hairs rise on the back of my neck when she comes into my presence.  Like living death she feels to me.  She is there and then gone without a trace.  I cannot find a soul within her.  Is she truly real, a child from forgotten lands, or is it a machination of your witchery sent to test us out?”

      Shaking her head, Ma-we answered,  “She is very real, very damaged…far beyond Zadar’s repair.  Her owner will one day rescue her heart.  A danger?  Not to you or your kind, but to those who rebelled she is most deadly.  A heart more corrupted than the Stasis is hers, but still filled with a sweet love for all that is good.  A most formidable force is she to your wicked brother.  Even now she haunts his worlds, walking unseen in his most holy places.  There is an hour coming when a crack will rupture in the wall surrounding her heart…a sad hour, but one that will begin the healing.”

Tolohe was curious.  “So you created this being when making her new in these realms, or how…?”

“No.”  Ma-we again shook her head.  “Chrusion has created a demented world filled with pain and sorrow.  It bends and twists the hearts of many so that even my powers cannot mend the damage.  I must trust to time for the cure.  Until that hour, I can use the destructive forces instilled into the ‘Worm’s’ victims to wreak vengeance upon his world – just reward for what he has committed against these innocents.”

“With such a ‘foul-smelling’ heart, my child can enter in right among those evil miscreants, they sensing no abnormality in their harmonics.  For the moment, my sword’s heart releases a harmonic song that cannot be detected even by Chrusion’s powers.  She has even put pig piss in his omen cup!”  Ma-we laughed derisively.  “She is become a ‘shadow dancer’.  The rebels believe a traitor walks in their midst and they know not what to do about it.  She is a most trustworthy spy.” . . .


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The Chronicles of Heaven’s War: Book 1- Sisters of the Bloodwind


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