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3- Three- Legend’s Heroes- p.09

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~Section Three~

Legend’s Heroes

A happy, crackling fire spewed forth a shower of golden sparks as the hickory log erupted in a blaze of light.  Shadows danced to and fro across rough-hewn timber walls, leaving much of the room hidden in darkness.  But the fire was warm and the building sound, creating a warm, cozy feeling that all was well even though the winter winds outside, a fright, should blow.

3-051, Winter Storm, small window     And blow they did.  The driving snow pelted the tiny windows while the howling wind battered the door with its angry fury.  Yet, for the lone figure slowly rocking back and forth before the glowing hearth, all was at peace, the snapping and popping of the roaring fire and the ‘creak-creak’ of the old wicker chair the only melody coming to the person’s ears.

     Hidden within those shadows were two emerald-green eyes peering deeply into the burning light, a sweet gentle tune being hummed by half-closed lips.  ‘No hurry!  No hurry!  Let the night winds cry.  No hurry.  No hurry.  For tonight brings on a happy sigh.’  Hands rested on the chair’s gnarly arms, their fingers curled over and around the knobby ends.  Naked feet resting on the hard oaken floor would slowly push down, sending the person in the chair back into the shadows until, tired of the struggle, they would surrender to the moment, sending chair and rider up into the firelight.  Back and forth, back and forth, the musical creaking of the chair blended in melodious harmony with the little humming tune.  ‘No hurry!  No hurry!  The night is young.  No hurry…’

The mellow light of the musical fire revealed a tiny brown furry creature scurrying across the floor in search of fallen crumbs.  It was rewarded with treasures also of small pieces of cheese scattered among the morsels.  Eyes closed as a contented smile grew across the face of the ‘oh, so untidy’ person listening in the shadows.  Moments of peace such as this had been all too rare over the many centuries.  It felt so good to have the antics of the a little mouse be the biggest intrusion into the cozy dreamy world.

In the middle of a bite, the mouse froze.  Then, still holding tight its treasure of well-aged cheese, it sniffed the air as if searching for an answer to a disturbance in the cabin’s restful ambiance.  For a heartbeat, the creaking of the chair ceased, the person in the chair also hearing the harmonic shift in the winter stormwinds.  All so soon the chair began its music again, the person displaying no concern, but the furry little creature hurried away, holding fast its trophy of the night.  Something approached, its power great, and the little fellow wished not to be found in such an open, conspicuous place no matter how inviting the banquet.

Above the unyielding pitch of the blizzard, distinct sounds of hard-soled boots on tired wooden stair treads echoed across the room.  The person seated in the rocker appeared to pay no notice, continuing rocking to the little tune being hummed.  ‘No hurry… No worry now… The night is young… The night is very young…

3-052, Iron door handle      The heavy iron handle began its mournful cry as rusty tumblers resisted being awakened by a determined hand seeking the latch’s surrender, allowing the hidden power escape from the fury of the night.  ‘Sha… Clack!’  The ancient bolt broke free of its rusty prison, surrendering up the door to the whims of the night.  With glee, the winter winds pummeled that door, seeking to breech the walls of one unconquered fortress in this vast desolate world.

      With great effort, a hand held fast the tempest, engaging in a contest for the gate.  A struggle ensued, the winds beating relentlessly against flesh and wood, seeking to best the lone sentinel refusing it to pass.  At length the battle ended, the warrior taking control of the pass, entering the warm solitude of the comfy cabin, but not before the storm’s flanking guard managed a coup by slipping between the legs of their protagonist and sending a chilling blast into the room.

The fire roared to life, sending a swirl of sparks upward and through the hewn stone chimney.  Its flames, in defense of the warmth it had birthed, roared high, driving down the bitter winds to defeat and consuming any of the chilling breeze that stood defiantly before it.  ‘Slam!’ went the door, quickly followed by the crack of the bolt being driven home, securing the latch.  At that, the winter tempest began a howling of angry frustration that lasted several minutes, but it was to no avail.  The battle was lost.

The mouse nervously peered out from behind an old musty trunk, still holding close in tiny paws its cheesy treasure.  It watched closely, eyeing with trepidation the giant standing in the shadows at the edge of the fire’s light.  Nary did the giant move, not until tiny rivers of water and chunks of melting snow falling from cleated boots puddle the floor upon which it stood.  Still, the person rocking said nothing, watching intently with sea-green eyes the crimson blaze beyond the hearth.  At long last, the tiny furry creature tired the wait and turned its attention to the cheese, keeping a wary eye on possible danger while savoring the feast secured in its grasp.

At length, still tingling from the cold, the newly arrived visitor strode toward the fire, extending chilled hands while stamping frozen boots to free them of any remaining ice.  As the person stood there, rubbing life into numb fingers, a voice quietly asked,  “Did you slip away unnoticed?”

There was no immediate reply, just the sound of hands being vigorously rubbed together.  In time, the person at the fire stood erect, pulling back a fur-lined hood with slender fingers now returned to life and feeling.  With one graceful movement, the cape, with hood attached, was swept from handsome shoulders revealing the comely form of a woman goddess.  Tall, muscular, sensual, the fire could not disguise this woman’s beauty.  As young in appearance as a sprite, but with a haunting face and furrowed brow as ancient as the mountains, this woman was no child, but an ancient of Ancients, a witch from before the dawns of time.

3-053, Winter storm      The firelight flickered across ghost-grey eyes, revealing a latent power held in check by an iron will whose struggles had weathered such a handsome face into stone-like beauty.  But the eyes burned bright, full of spirit, even as the body gradually withered from a cancer slowly consuming its might.

     There was no smile in the woman’s reply…no emotion nor energy…it having been consumed by the winter storm.  “I took the lone night patrol along the Nebulan Cloud Bank.  It interrupts our inter-ship communication as well as our scanners.  No one is expecting to hear from me for many hours.”

Looking around the room, the woman shook her head, recalling innocent days of long ago.  “I have not visited this place since the constellations of the AntonSodoney rose in celebration over the southern hills of EdenEsonbar and Gradian’s Clock chimed the coming hour of rebirth.  That is nearly twenty-six thousand years past.  Was I the last of my kind to seek the solace of this haven?  For I sensed my spirit still lingering upon the handle of the door.”

Green eyes twinkled, recalling fond memories, while a head nodded dreamily.  “Yes.  Yes, it is so.  Do you not yet know that you, alone, have been my only love to have discovered this place?  I built it for you, my lovely one, long ago, when the universe beyond EdenEsonbar still belonged to the ‘Ones who came before’.  It is full of mystery and secrets that only you hold the key to.  I had envisioned it as a gift to you when the secret of life was revealed to my children.”  The person saddened, shaking her head.  “Alas, it shall never see such innocent mirth as I purposed.  This place will, instead, become your sanctuary in future days when the worlds are again at peace.  I am but the caretaker of it until that hour arrives.”

3-054, Open fire

The woman nodded but made no reply.  She looked around and, spying a stool half hidden in the shadows, pulled it near the hearth, sat down and quietly removed her pilot’s boots.  With a grunt, followed by a relaxing sigh, the last boot was pulled from her foot.  She then busied herself in gently massaging life back into cramped toes.

As practiced hands soothed the flesh, a tired voice went on to speak of other matters.  “The storm is most intense.  Had I not felt your presence, I doubt it would have been possible for me to find this place tonight.  As it was, I made my way through a mile of frozen drifts, having to abandon my ship in a distant field, I fearing the danger of a collision should I pursue further travel with that machine.”

A smile crept across the face of the person in the rocking chair.  “Few there are who could have mastered the elements this eve.  Do you think it by chance the weather is so outrageous?  My dear one, there are many evil forces who have great power.  Spies abound in your world.  Only a fool would have dared follow you into this maelstrom… save only one…and he is far from this place at the moment.  I can feel it to be so.  It was most important for my heart to seek you out in secret tonight.  I desired no one, not even an innocent, to interrupt our meeting.”

There was a long silence in the room.  The woman sitting on the stool hung her head as if in tired disappointment, her long, flowing, silver hair falling almost to the floor.  Staring at the worn planking, she finally replied, “I am your servant.  Please…  my Meter…  What is it your heart wishes to speak about?”

The person in the chair turned her head, smiling.  “Long have your lips been silent with that name, my Tolohe.”  She returned her gaze to the fire.  “Tolohe?  Tolohe…  ‘Pillar of the Sun’, ‘StuloHelios’, Tolohe.  You do recall it is a name given you by the gods of ages past, when you still suckled at my breasts.  Few speak of you by that name anymore.  Why do you hate it so?”

Tolohe raised her eyes toward the flames, searching for a reply.  “When the world was young, it was so beautiful.  There were but the two of you, my Meter and Chrusion, my lover and mentor.  Oh yes, I do recall the strange beings that flitted in and out of our lives, sometimes so handsome as to outshine Chrusion, and yet at other times taking on wild shapes that could be laughable or frightening.”

3-055, Tolohe- Ghostly shadow     “I knew you only by the name I gave you, ‘Meter’… ‘Mother’, until I was well in my teens, when those same gods spoke in secret to me their own fond words for you, and how deeply they cared for the one giving them life so long ago.  It was long ago, beyond the ages of time, and yet I feel that I, too, have lived beyond the ages of time.  So long my heart has ached over lost love, long before this rebellion.  I have hidden my heart in a shadow-world until it stands alone in a desolate land.  Few are my lovers.  They fear my sickness lest they may fall prey to a diseased mind.  My beauty faded long ago until it is little more than a ghostly ruin of its former self.  Chrusion broke my heart before the First Age was past.  When it died, along with it went the beauty of the wondrous name given me in that forgotten time.”

Tolohe looked into her mother’s face.  “And should I complain?  Has not your heart been ripped from your own bosom, being crushed by the man we both loved for so long?  Does not the very name given you by my young siblings testify to the changed world that exists around us?  Yehowah!  God of the new age, King of the Throne of Salvation, Bringer of Rage and Storm!  I stood beside you the day you declared to the man who was once our lover, ‘I shall become whatever I need to become in order to crush you… you belly-walking worm!’  From that day forward, my sweet, innocent Meter has carried the name of war and death, ‘Yehowah’ …a name so unfit for the person I love so dear.”

Again there was a long silence.  Finally… “Meter… it is a name that is so comforting to my soul.”    Meter – ‘Ma-we’ – looked into Tolohe’s eyes.  “My dear, I am no ruler.  Never have been.  The ‘Ones who came before’ did not see me as a ruler, or a god.  I was but one with them, they having come from my very essence.  I do not like to rule, and that is one secret you know better than all the others except… except… we shall not speak anymore of him.”

She reached out, touching Tolohe’s knee with playing fingers.  “Tonight, for a few fleeting hours, Tolohe needs to again become the Pillar of the Sun…the pillar for Meter to rest her weary head upon.”

Tolohe gripped Ma-we’s hand, tears filling her eyes.  “I am your servant, your lover, your companion.  Whatever your slightest wish, I shall move the heavens to bring to you.  You ask so little and deserve so much more than your child can possibly give.”

Ma-we leaned her head back, resting it against the chair.  She closed her eyes in silent ponderings, the crackling fire the only sound coming from within the tiny cabin.  Peeking out from its hiding place, the skittish mouse, overcome by hungry desire for more crumbles of cheese, chanced the moment, hurrying forth to abscond with another of the morsels scattered upon the floor.  If anyone heard, no one paid heed.  Cheeks full of rich reward, the little fellow happily scampered away to its hiding place.

At long last Ma-we took up the conversation.  “I have brought you here tonight for many reasons.  Some, as you know, are fraught with personal and selfish desires.  Still… had it not been for other more necessary ones, I would not have troubled a soul weighed down with the needs of the universe.  The future of all living things hinges upon decisions soon to be made.  I fear you, alone, will have the power to force those decisions onto the correct path.”

She sat forward, turning her chair so as to face Tolohe.  “I’m sorry.  Such a rude host, you know.  My mind’s been off in a fog.  Please, can I offer you something to warm your tired soul and feed a hungry belly?”

3-056, Universe in turmoil      Tolohe smiled, nodding.  Soon there were hot cakes and jam, along with steaming jasmine sweet tea to tempt the palate.  As the newly appeared dishes ‘magically’ filled with sumptuous delights, the woman wryly commented, “My powers are greatly diminished through this sickness of mine.  No longer can I conjure such a repast without the aid of machines made by ageless hands.  Little more than that cup could I produce for this meal.  The witchery of my mind, though, is still sharp and I can see deep into the hearts of space and time.”

     Ma-we grinned reassuringly.  “My daughter shall be made new again, that I know.  For now, let us pretend… pretend that things are so different.  Now then, tell me of my concoction.  Does it titillate the senses as it once did?”

Tolohe took the cup of hot brew, inhaling the delightful fragrance, a smile growing on her face, and then a sip.  “Ahhhh…you have outdone even yourself.  None better have I ever tasted in all my days.  You are the greatest witch of all, making the simplest things treasures to behold.”  She looked deeply into Ma-we’s eyes.  “You, Mother, make the best tea.  I do so miss it when I am away.”

3-057, A day with no need for us to part     Ma-we grinned again, lifting up her own cup.  “Then we shall drink it to the day when there will be no need for us to part!”

     For a while the two became lost in innocent chatter, each one outdoing the other with rhyme and song, stories from happy days long forgotten.  The little mouse danced with glee at seeing the countless crumbs falling to the floor, a feast in the making.

    At length the hour had come, the food consumed.  Ma-we’s face sobered, her dark thoughts harkening other speech.  “My dear child, there are many dangerous roads we must travel before innocence will again rule the worlds.”  She looked toward the fire, a newly placed log having freshly ignited the sparking flames.  “The Prisoner Exchange is but a few days future.  I do so wish your company at that time, but I know it is not possible.”

Tolohe nodded, asking for another cup of tea, she stalling for time.  As she stirred the fresh, hot brew, she asked, “So… do you intend to continue with your plan, even after the last council?”

Ma-we nodded.  “I can wait no longer.  I have seen into the demon’s mind and watched him stew in his anger.  I must force his hand now.”  She looked into Tolohe’s face, the age of troubled times reflecting on her own.  “It is no longer an issue of  ‘are we ready?’.  It matters not the cost to us… for it shall be high.  Chrusion must be made to move, show his hand in power.  He must be goaded into action before he is fully prepared.”

Tolohe studied her tea as if stirring it was most important.  After sniffing in the satisfying aroma, she quietly recommended, “May I suggest you take Tizrela and PalaHar with you as standard bearers?  Neither fears the ‘Worm’, each having contested against him on the field of honor.  They also understand the hour and the day, counting no guilt toward you, but hold themselves accountable for the evil that lives among us.” . . .


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Take a look at Book, Comments, and Blurbs at ask David.The Chronicles of Heaven’s War, Book I – Sisters of the … Enjoy what we share.

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Take a look at Book, Comments, and Blurbs at ask David.The Chronicles of Heaven’s War, Book I – Sisters of the … Enjoy what we share.



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