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p. 04, (DR)- Heavenly Engineering

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Heavenly Engineering

web- wilderness 6

I believe it noteworthy to mention here that the Upper Palace was named ‘heaven’ by the oldest of the Ancients who first sojourned into the unknown beyond the outer walls.  Out there, in the ‘eres’ (translated ‘earth’ in our tongue) the travelers had to fend for themselves or carry supplies enough with them for their journeys.  The paved highway, beginning at the east wall and leading west toward what would later be called the ‘Majestic’, became known as the road to samayim (translated ‘heaven’ or ‘heights’ in our tongue).

Both words, eres and samayim, are said to be phonetic pronunciations from the language of the ‘Ones who came before’, as the oldest of the Ancients recalled from hearing the words spoken.  Eres literally means ‘to go away from’, as in ‘going away from what is known’.  Samayim has the understanding of ‘becoming satisfied’, as in ‘filled up with every good pleasure’.



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So it was, when the first children of the First Age ventured into the ‘wilderness’, they spoke of going into the eres.  After a long and exhausting journey, often filled with sacrifice and privations, the Eastern Gate, where the paved highway began meant they were close to the luxuries of home.  Being on the road to heaven symbolized being near one’s reward for having succeeded in accomplishing the return journey.  Now the riches of home were no longer a dream or hope, but a reality.

As the ‘children’ reached further into the ‘wilderness’, eventually leaving EdenEsonbar, the home planet, they carried the name ‘eres’ with them to symbolize their going into the unknown.  When the Second Realm (Second Universe) was revealed to them as a place they would one day go, the name ‘eres’ was given to it.  Later, the ‘sons of men’ on ‘earth’ were given that name for their home and, by the time of the Great Flood, were calling the land of the ‘children’s’ dwelling place ‘heaven’.


Mihai remembered little more about this morning’s journey up the Majestic than the day so long ago when her companions carried her up these same steps.  The six millennia passed had not changed the sights, but she believed they would never impress her like they once did.  Now these stairs were merely a conveyance used on her road to destiny, a means to an end.  So little remained of the joy this world once basked in.

Raven's End 5

About one hundred fifty cubits above the Majestic’s threshold, the stairs made a sharp turn, tunneling into the butte, as it rose toward the Upper Palace.  It finally opened into a towering vaulted chamber called ‘Raven’s End’.  The chamber, like the Majestic, was built of polished obsidian, its finely chiseled pillars reaching thirty cubits to the shimmering black ceiling.  Openings in the east wall allowed observers a panoramic view of the Lower Palace from twenty stories above the courtyard far below.

The sound of surging blood filled Mihai’s ears as she staggered up the last set of stairs before reaching the chamber.  Her lungs ached and her heart pounded against her chest.  Three times she had stopped on her ascent, a climb often jogged in her more carefree days.  Wheezing, she stumbled forward, seeking a bench near one of the pillars.

After sitting, Mihai rested her head in her hands.  The smell of hot sticky sweat filled her nostrils, making her stomach churn even worse than her headache had managed to do.  She needed to take her mind off her personal concerns.  ‘Think girl, think!’

Looking around the empty expanse, she began to ponder its name.  ‘Raven’s End?  Raven’s End?  Oh, yes!  Now I remember.  It was told me that when the world was new… when the Ancients were still little more than children… sojourners beyond the distant walls would take birds along with them to send messages back to the palace.’

She stared at the windows.  All around them were hundreds of tiny nooks.  ‘Pigeonholes!  That’s what they are.  They say that at one time this chamber harbored thousands of birds of all kinds.’

Mihai could see and hear the excitement of that time, with multitudes of birds cooing and crying while others swooped to and fro through the air.  ‘What a sight it must have been!’

The sound of a gentle footfall echoing across the empty expanse interrupted Mihai’s recollections of this place.  She squinted, peering into the shadows.  “Now who should be wandering out here at this time of day?”  She muttered to herself.

1-23 Shadowed figiure in raven's end5

Raven’s End was cavernous and dark, its only light during the day coming from the windows and open exits.  The Majestic’s final staircase spiraled its way up the last sixty cubits to the Upper Palace’s outer courtyard from the far end of the vaulted chamber, it offering little light for Mihai to observe who was coming.

The approaching shadow spoke first.  “Mihai!  What a wonderful surprise!  I had no idea I would be seeing you before tonight.”  A woman of slight stature, medium build, and delightful appearance materialized from the shadows.  She hurried over, taking Mihai’s hands, leaning down, giving her a gentle kiss.

Mihai grinned, asking, “Trisha?!”  Then glancing at the woman’s light blue uniform, puzzled aloud, “General Trisha?!  I thought you were commanding Hunter’s Brigade on Pilneser.  What brings you here, I mean, so far away from your duties?”

Still gripping Mihai’s hands, Trisha smiled.  “Oh, my Lord, I have been a busy, busy, person.  I was called away from my duties on Pilneser some months ago, being given a temporary assignment in the Second Realm.  Then, just three weeks ago I was summoned to Palace City.  Been here ever since, waiting for tonight’s council.”

Mihai puzzled.  “Who ordered you away from your post?  I saw no request come across my desk.”

This picture of Trisha is an alteration of the Farnese's Collection from the Capodimonte Museum in Naples, Italy [It's the alteration artist's belief that this is entitled (Farnese Collection of Art), Antea 1531-35, Francesco Mazzola detto Il Parmigianino

This picture of Trisha is an alteration from the Capodimonte Museum in Naples, Italy [It’s the alteration artist’s belief that this is entitled (Farnese Collection of Art), Antea 1531-35, Francesco Mazzola detto Il Parmigianino

Trisha’s answer was upbeat and cheerful, but revealed little, as did her facial expressions.  Her eyes, though, could not lie.  They twinkled in a way a child’s does when hiding a secret.  “My Lord, the day is young, and many a breeze must blow before its end.  Rest assured, the powers that brought me here have also delivered my Lord to this same destination.  The journey is long and may be dark, but the wind ever blows us home.”

Mihai attempted to pry more information from Trisha.  She said nothing, which was very much part of her nature.  If the woman chose to speak, all well and good, but no known force existed that could make her confess a word if that was her disposition.  Mihai surrendered to what little she had been told, marveling at the woman’s solid constitution.

Mihai finally shook her head.  “You’re hopeless.  Just plain hopeless.”

“Thank you!”  Trisha replied, grinning.  “I’ll take that as a compliment.  Better to look like a fool, I say, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

Mihai returned a toothy smile, nodding.  “There’s a lot to you, General.  Your youth confuses and intrigues me.  I see eyes filled with wonder and excitement, but you speak with the wisdom of our councilors.  The powers that delivered you to my world were wise and discerning.”  Her statement stirred memories of this woman in her mind.

Trisha was not a child of this realm.  She had grown up during an age of violence, when old ways and beliefs were being challenged, and new religions were forcing themselves into the lives of people around her.  She had refused to compromise her values and beliefs, making the woman an outcast among her people. But that was all gone now.  By the time she awoke from the ‘field of the minds’, her memories were all that remained of the world of that day.

Mihai remembered watching Trisha from her ‘secret realms’ during those long-ago years, marveling at this woman’s strength and integrity.  Trisha had suffered much back then, from the death of children to abandonment by her husband, and so much more.  Those experiences had hardened her.  Her years here had not removed that hardness.  How could it?  Mere months after her arrival found Trisha at CoblinPort, helping in its defense against Stasis Pirates.

1-025 Storm-winds blow

Standing and gripping Trisha’s upper arms, Mihai commented, “The storm-winds have swept your world all too often.  Many people would have become bitter over their fate had they suffered such grief.  How is it that you still carry such love and tenderness within you as I have many times seen displayed?”  It seemed to Mihai that Trisha was always doing for others.

There was little change in Trisha’s expression.  She softly replied.  “My Lord, I am but a servant girl.  You have lived from before the founding of my world.  I have seen fewer than eighty summers, all filled with grief and despair.  I think a starving man appreciates a dry crust of bread more than a king with a banquet of exotic dainties.”

She shook her head.  “I do not have pity for my life.  The hours of grief have taught me to cherish the moments of pleasure.  My heart reaches out to your kind, for the children of this world have not yet learned to find delight in one lonely star on a dark stormy night.  Your kind cannot yet see that these times of distress will become a treasure of great worth.  In future days, you will pity the children born in times of peace.” . . .


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