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April 2, 2014

4-098, Enemy’s Interact

A shudder ran down her spine, as she thought of Euroaquilo’s warning given her so long ago.  ‘It is also a very dangerous place since the Rebellion.  Every debased, vile creature frequents these haunts, making it necessary to never travel here alone.’

After the Rebellion, war had broken out in the Middle Realm.  Although its expanse appeared limitless and much of it was still unexplored, key locations had been fought over for many centuries.  In fact, this was where the major part of the wars had been fought up to this night.

Darla was no stranger to these wars.  She was a hardened veteran, having fought in all three ‘Megiddo Wars’, the ‘Persian Debacle’, the ‘MedoGrecian Crusade’, and the ‘Maccabean Decade’.  But she had been one in a crowd of countless thousands then…  Tonight she was alone and naked, bereft of weapon or comrade.

Listening to the continuing night noises and detecting no other unusual sounds, Darla decided to chance a run for her ship.  Considering the gown to be a hindrance, she kneeled down and unlaced her sandals, quietly removing them.  With a grunt, she stood and began pulling the dress over her head.

4-098b, Yulack And Other Enemy's


Darla spun around and dropped into a crouch, her arms and head still wrapped up in the gown.  She was preparing to be assailed by hands intent on her capture.  Legion would be most pleased with such a prize and could be counted on to give a rich reward to the person delivering her.

‘Cr-a-ack!’  Whoever wielded the club had no intention of taking his trophy alive.  The blow caught Darla just below her right eye, lifting her off her feet and sending her sprawling, face down, onto the pathway.

A rough hand yanked Darla over onto her back.  She groaned in pain.  Another person pulled off the gown and exclaimed, “She ain’t dead, Yulackk!  You must be losin’ your touch.”

Yulackk bent close to examine the damage his attack had done.  Darla’s eye was little more than bloody pulp, her upper jaw crushed and her nose split, but she was still very much alive.

Yulackk glanced at Darla’s upper arm and noticed its awkward angle.  “The bitch’s arm got in the way… ain’t my fault!”  He laughed, “Did a number on it, though…”

The second man stepped closer.  “Get outta the way, Yulackk, I want to get a look at who we have.”

And the book continues with more between the pages of

The Chronicles of Heaven’s War: Book 1- Sisters of the Bloodwind

Section One- Destiny’s Road, p. 02, 03, 04

Section Two- Of Councils Great and Small, p. 06, 07, 08

Section Three- Legend’s Heroes, p. 10, 11, 12

Section Four- The Forges of Hell, p. 14, 15, 16

Section Five- The Silent Tombs,


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