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March 26, 2014

4-097, A Completed Mission

She arrived in time by chance, she thought, to make the two league’s distance from the ship to the city and then still have time to change into the gown and set up the vision gadgets.  Although never actually leaving this Middle Realm and transferring into the ‘land of humans’, often called by her people the ‘Second’ or ‘Lower Realm’, by using the vision machines and her ‘very limited’ mental abilities, the girl successfully completed the mission.  ‘Maybe not as good as Gabrielle, but damn good, anyway!’

4-097, Middle Kingdom night

The crisp snap of a twig alerted Darla to possible danger.  She slunk back further away from the trail, under the trees.  It could have been one of many things causing that disturbance.  Her heart raced with fearful anticipation.

Attempting to calm her jitters, she contemplated the possibilities.  After all, there was a menagerie of huge beasts in this land.  One might very well be tracking her… more out of curiosity than ill intent.  Then there were the ‘People of the Mist’, one of the names given the mysterious race of ancients who existed long before her kind were born.

The story of these people was both mythical and intriguing.  Many names had been given to them, ‘Spirit Walkers’, ‘Guardians’, ‘Cherubs’, ‘Blazing Wings’, to name a few.  Darla had always liked the term ‘HootinSmokers’, a name given them by some of the most ancient of her race who claimed to have actually seen them.  The wild antics of those storytellers had caused her, as a little girl, to roll in laughter as their stories were acted out.

Legend’s tales said that when Darla’s kind began growing in number, the ‘People of the Mist’ withdrew into the hidden lands of this Middle Realm, becoming little more than ghostly shadows on moonlit nights.  It was said that they slept in silence until their Master would wake them to glory in the last trumpet call.  Well, that was one of the stories she had been told when a little child.  The woman hoped the intruder might well be either of these two things.

And the book continues with more between the pages of

The Chronicles of Heaven’s War: Book 1- Sisters of the Bloodwind

Section One- Destiny’s Road, p. 02, 03, 04

Section Two- Of Councils Great and Small, p. 06, 07, 08

Section Three- Legend’s Heroes, p. 10, 11, 12

Section Four- The Forges of Hell, p. 14, 15, 16

Section Five- The Silent Tombs,


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