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March 5, 2014

4-094, Star Woman’s Wish

Ishtar watched the woman turn away and then mutter as if to herself,  “This war is not hers to fight.  How can you ask this of the child?”

The girl reached into the pouch and played with a few coins.  Her mind could not conjure up visions of the treasures this money offered.  The coins suddenly felt dirty, unclean.  She dropped the money back into the purse.  Indeed, everything about the first road felt wrong, like delicious food that turns sour in one’s belly.

4-094b, Choice's light

As Ishtar reasoned over the things she had been told, her mind filled with suspicion.  She felt compelled to ask, “You did not come from above the stars to wish a child well and give her a gift of gifts.  I do know for a fact that God does not work in such ways.  So tell me, please, should I take the monies and depart, upon whose head does the duty fall?”

The woman did not answer.  She continued to look toward the east, tears trickling down her face.  She pleaded with Ishtar,  “Take the monies.  We will work things out.”

Ishtar grabbed hold of the woman’s arm.  “I can make no commitment without understanding!  Now tell me!  Who pays the bill for my happiness?”

Covering her eyes with her hands, the woman sobbed.  “My Lord and my God pays the price!  For your uncle is needed elsewhere in this realm.  It is not his day to die.  If you leave, they will destroy him.”

Ishtar lowered her head, thinking aloud.  “So, my soul in place of his…”

The woman turned to the girl, distraught.  “No one deserves to be asked what has been of you, but there is no other way.  My soul instead of yours I would gladly offer, yet it is not to be.  Only you have the power to save your uncle on this morrow.  He must prove his worth.  His destiny demands it of him.”

And the book continues with more between the pages of

The Chronicles of Heaven’s War: Book 1- Sisters of the Bloodwind

Section One- Destiny’s Road, p. 02, 03, 04

Section Two- Of Councils Great and Small, p. 06, 07, 08

Section Three- Legend’s Heroes, p. 10, 11, 12

Section Four- The Forges of Hell, p. 14, 15, 16

Section Five- The Silent Tombs,


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