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January 1, 2014

4-080, A Gaurded Prize

“There ain’t been anyone out here in hours.  It’s cold and damp, and my feet are tired.  What’s all this big deal ‘bout us being here, anyhow?”  The guard shivered, rubbing his arms with his hands.

The second guard continued his searching vigil of the deserted street while chastising the first guard.  “The cuckoo bird’s got in your head.  We got some big prize locked up and the sergeant ain’t wantin’ no problems.  If he got loose, all of us would be feedin’ lions tomorrow.”

The first guard nodded.  “I don’t doubt what you’re sayin’, being a big prize and all that, but…” He glanced around to see if others were near, then whispered, “All them followers of his aren’t gonna bother here.  They’er all them kindly, peaceful people.  They don’t hurt nobody.”

“Watch your mouth!”  Snapped the second guard, glaring at the first.  “Those kinda words could get us both killed.  Just shatup and watch for somthin’.  That’s our job.”  He returned to scrutinizing the darkness.

4-080, Shadows Live

The first guard sniffed the air, wrinkling his nose in disgust.  “Why in hell’s name don’t someone clean that hog pen?!”

The other agreed, staring into the empty animal pens across the street.  He suddenly jerked his head up and froze. Wide eyed, he excitedly whispered, pointing, “Somethin’s mov’n there!”

The second guard reached for his spear while squinting into the blackness.  A cackling echoed from off the surrounding buildings.  It was shrill and disjointed, but somewhat musical.  It was quickly followed by equally shrill musical words.

“By night it walks to hunger still,

To find sweet meat, its belly fill.

It smells the blood, so warm with heat.

It’ll drink it down, and saves the meat!”

A cry rose from the darkness, followed by a painful whining.  “No!  No!  I won’t hurt them!  Agguuh!  I won’t hurt them!  I promise!  I promise!  I am your child… your little servant child.  Please! No more!  No more!”  It grew quiet for a moment, and then the voice sputtered, “Not hungry!  Not hungry now!”

And the book continues with more between the pages of

The Chronicles of Heaven’s War: Book 1- Sisters of the Bloodwind

Section One- Destiny’s Road, p. 02, 03, 04

Section Two- Of Councils Great and Small, p. 06, 07, 08

Section Three- Legend’s Heroes, p. 10, 11, 12

Section Four- The Forges of Hell, p. 14, 15, 16

Section Five- The Silent Tombs,


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